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Unhappy One year... Four slip ups

It's been one year and I've only cut four times, given each of them were deep slashes that i probably should have gotten stitches for, but oh well.

My girlfriend cuts too.. It makes me want to when she does. In fact I've told her that if she does I do too, that I re-open all my scars and such.

I tried to take a pack of 5 x-acto razor blades from her house today, I don't know how but she knew i had it and took it away from me. All day I've been wanting to cut yet she made me promise not too.

How am I supposed to keep my promise if she can't even stop herself? She tries by writing it all down.. but that once failed and she ended up carving it in her leg.

I love her with everything in me I just want to get us both away from everything that makes us cut and depressed.

My mother and sister have taken away all razors including shaving razors and all the knives and semi- sharp things out of my possesion on my asking.

Just tell me things will get better and they will be okay... with everything...

This girl... who is my girlfriend's ex, she cuts too, she's on here too. But she doesn't know what I really want to say to her, and probably never will.

I just need out.

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