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So tell me...

Read that website, and compare it to NIDA.

Why does NIDA not mention that only 10% (that's 1 out of 10 people) get psychologically addicted to cannabis (there is no such thing as physical dependancy of cannabis).

Why is it they don't mention positive effects such as "mood life" "creative deep philosophical thinking" "increase appetite" etc

All they seem to do is state what Frank also states, the flip side, the bad side to drugs.

Oh and Frank is a government website, so none of the scientific evidence on ther can be faulty, however it can be biased, just like any other website. Id say frank is more biased to anti-drugs, but atleast they give you the whole picture.

Also frank is not a single person, as you seemed to indicate earlier. It's a metaphor for frank as in to be FRANK, or to be HONEST....

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