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Default Re: organic/natual food

Originally Posted by Ethannnnnn View Post
well yeah organic food tastes better and is healthier but quite often it is much more expensive
it may be a little more expensive but its worth it trust me. and the more people to eat healthy the lower the prices will be on the food.
but the key is to start making your food from fresh vegetables grains meat etc instead of out of a box.
you can still get stuff in a box organic which is alot better for you but the key is to start making your food from the basics and it tastes better that way to.
of course it takes alittle longer to make then throwing the frozen box in the microwave and taking it out and eating it but ill never ever go back to that ever.
you just feel so much better its amazing,
and the thing is that people who dont eat this well dont know how bad they feel.
when i started eating good i realized how bad that junk really was making me feel energy wise and everything else.
also this route can actually be LESS expensive then junk food because junk food costs alot to be processed etc so if you start cooking with basic food like veggies grains meats then you actually have less of a expense and more benifits.
but it is a transition because you really have to watch what you eat but in the long run its worth it.
and this doesn't mean you'll never eat stuff like fries pizza and stuff again but your basic breakfast lunch and dinner should be healthy. but i still go out with friends and get junk foor every once and a while but its about keeping your main meals healthy.
but anyway its worth it.

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