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Originally Posted by cosmos
you dont just give out straight facts though, your facts are all leaning towards the use of drugs, and not the prevention of it
Prevention? Half of teenagers use drugs, there is no prevention there. You are the one only leading towards drug prevention and why they are bad.

Teenagers aren't stupid, they recognise full well that alot of the myths about drugs are fabricated and biased. Im not saying there is nothing bad at all about drugs, they can ruin some peoples lives, but only people that needed help to begin with.

Substance abuse is a disorder, it's genetic. People are born with addictive personalities, and if they are addicted to drugs, there is no such thing as prevention in that case, they need advise on 'detoxification' and 'safe use'.

Is it wrong for me to tell drug users not to drive while under the influence of drugs? I know full well that people take drugs, and there is nothing wrong with me saying that. However if i say "dont do drugs at all" it's not specific. People should know about dangerous situations in which drugs can be extremly risky, and i should be specific about it. Not "Drugs are bad, heres why - they kill you!"

People want hte straight facts and i've provided two websites, one is a government webiste. - And as for you saying that is not any more reliable than NIDA, it is infact more comprehensive, it gives advise on how to stop and recognises that people take drugs, and so they should see both side of the story.

If anything people hate one sided information. They want the truth and nothing but the truth.

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