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Default organic/natual food

I was wondering how many people here eat organic/natural foods,
I also strongly suggest trying to buy healthier foods, ive been on a totally organic natural diet for a few months now and have noticed great changes i feel alot more happy and have more energy,
and there is a myth that healthy food is "DISCUSTING" but it can actually be better tasting because the flavors are real and not some chemicals mixed together to make the taste of chicken. i have found EVERYTHING that i normally buy in a healthier version for instance chocolate you can buy it organically and its alot better for you.
another instance is mac n cheese you can get organically same with soup raviolies bread doughnuts candey EVERYTHING you can get in the junk catagory can be found in the organic sections of the supermarket even walmart! but i recomend shopping at your local CO-OP for foods.
but overal it has been a great diet for me. and it also helps these junk food industries to start putting better stuff into there foods, the more people to eat healthy the more the big companies are going to make there food healthier.
but anyway vote how you eat.
and you can discuss your opinions on organic food natual food. advantages disadvantages.
so yeah
[EDIT] darn it the poll thing didn't appear? well you can just post your answer i guess.
unless theres a way i can re ad it?

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