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ok this is what you need to do if you truly want to go through with this.
do you have anywhere where you live that is very peaceful with no one around prefferably like a park or some where thats outside in nature, and you need to take a nice long walk through a park( or anywhere that is peacfule with no one around. like a forest a big field idk take a hike on a mountain whatever) and have a GOOD LONG think about this. and make sure you admire everything you walk by because if you die you will never see it again. think about your parents picture in your mind you parents getting the news"your son committed suicide" picture in detail the grief on there faces. picture there pain and sorrow, picture them 10 years later and you will still see the grief and sorrow in there faces.
it effects so many people even if you life is fucking hell right now please if not for you do it for everyone that cares about you.
and i am not trying to be mean about this in anyway we really care about you that is why i posted this.
when i was about to commit suicide i had a urge to just walk. and i walked to a forest and i just kept walking and i noticed every little thing about the forest and i realized that i could never see this again if i were dead, and i stayed in that forest for a few hours just looking at every flower every tree every bug just looked at how simple there lives are and from that point on i wasn't suicidal anymore.
but anyway you really better think this through every aspect of it not just yourself but how you will effect your family friends community. school etc
how it will effect us at vt there is alot to think about so i suggest you take a nice long walk and think it through all the way even things like my dog will miss me.
and think about how you parents are going to have to explain to everyone that you killed yourself and the guilt they will feel that they couldn't do anything about it.
and its something that will follow them to there grave.
and through all this suffering pain loss grief that everyone goes through, you still dont know where you will go?
you may just be put some where 12 times as bad.
so please for EVERYONES SAKE take a good walk and think this through
we care about you alot and we dont want to see another one go like that.

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