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So far you've said -

"If you take drugs i hope you die"

you've never given anyone anyone any help or advise on how to quit. All you do is give the usualy "drugs are bad dont do them" rant.

That's not going to stop a perosn doing drugs, if people come here for advise on how to quit, telling them how bad drugs are isn't helping, because they know that already, they want to quit.

As for the other users who want to use drugs, and don't care wether you say they shouldn't or not, then im giving them advise on how to use them safely, because they are going to use them anyway.

If someone asks me where they can buy drugs, how to produce them, i won't tell them. If someone comes and asks me how to decrease the dangers of smoking drugs, i will tell them, it's logical, because they would smoke it in a more dangerous manner if i didn't.

This forum is quite new, and has gained alot of attention. Why? Because drug abuse is rampent in teenagers, it's considered a normal experiance in being a teenager, experimenting.

Those that need help will get it, and im not going to tell them to die if they want it. Unlike you.

As for the 'information' you provide, it's not comprehensive in all aspects. It doesn't ever explain why people take drugs, and what positive effects can come from their use. Why should we restrict parts of information about drugs, that being essentially biased.

You seem to have the impression im advocating drug use. Im not, i have never told anyone on this board "Go take heroin it's good for you" or "Everyone should take drugs because they aren 't bad".

If i give people ALL the facts, not just the bad side of drug abuse (showing only that gives it a distorted picture, drug users are using drugs becuase they can have terrible side effects in some users?)

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