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Default I dont know...

ok so here is the thing, i think i might have OCD. i dont know for sure, but i think i might. now i knw i should go to a pro for this but both of my parents think im jst going crazy about somthing in my life thats annoying me. my dad does stuff on purpose just to annoy me like : chewing really loudly, purposly eating crunchy foods when im trying to sleep so i cant and get really mad (then he screams at me saying how ungrateful i am and blah blah blah),that crunching noise is like nails on a chalk board for me and evrytime anyone eats chrunchy foods i basicly have to leave the room id go insane, etc. my mom knows that when he does stuff like that, it annoys me but she doesnt seam to care. also i kinda have this obsession with making everyone happy. like if i get someone mad i mentaly (and sumtimes phisicaly) beat myself up about it.

i talked to my friends and they said that i have OCD, but i should talk to a guidence counsolor when school starts bc my parents think nothing of this, but lets face it, school counsolors dont do sh*t. and they could careless as long as they get paid (that how it is in my district anyway).

anyone have advice i can use to convince my mom to take me to a pro, and does anyone else think i have OCD, or is it just sumthing else

any advice is appreciated

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