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Default Re: it's like a chain reaction!


today went better at school. i made it through the whole day w/o leaving or freaking out. as soon as school was over though i got out as quick as i could. i met with my therapist today. it was the first time since i had cut and we talked for a long time. it was pretty intense. she prescribed me some meds, paxil and lithium carbonate and she said that should help stabilize my moods and calm me down some. she says the next time i cut and she finds out i have to go inpatient no matter how minor. i didn't like that part, but oh well.

i went to the cemetary today for like an hour or so and talked to katie and kris. i told them how they killing themseves affected me. lame, i know, but it felt good to get all that stuff out. i told them how i was struggling and trying to get ahead of everything. on the way out i saw kris's mom. she was coming to take some flowers to the graves. she told me how guilty she felt about katie. i guess after kris died she couldn't stand to see katie b/c it made her miss kris so much. but then katie killed herself. i told her not to feel guilty b/c no one knew that was what she was going to do. there wasn't anything she could do to prevent it. but oh well.
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