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Default Re: Amazing what you can do using home ingrediants

i wasnt trying to give people ideas, i was asking if anyone else had done it, thank you very much.

^^^your welcome bedroom eyes...

asking if someone does something usually implies a yes or no answer...not a vivid description on how to do it...they're two different things

ps.. you are inadvertently giving people ideas by talking about how to harm yourself...

and yes, there is a point in hiding it no1knos....had someone hid cutting and other suicidal tendencies from would be a much happier person who is not on the brink of death by some of us (people who believe in saving, preserving and helping lives) feel that it is necessary to fight for your life and the lives of other suicidal people...yes, and I am serious about your life...why?? becasue you cut, an action that has the potential to become a life threatening issue.....there is so much more to life than cutting yourself and wallowing away in your self pity. I know....I am speaking from experience...I cut and bled out with razorblades and needles to the point that I needed to be evauated by a mental health professional....i am currently on the road to recovery and don't want other kids to make the same, silly mistakes that i made....

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