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I like someone who makes me laugh. I think that is one of the most important things in a relationship. Because when that first spark and rush of new-ness, passion, even lust, fades (ever so slightly!!!) something has got to be left there to take its place.

That doesnt mean i want the worlds greatest comedian, i just want someone i connect with, someone i have a similar sense of humour to.

Its great to feel an immediate sexual/physical attraction to someone but...there needs to be something to back that up.

I dont care if their smart or sophisticated, as long as they understand me. Someone I can connect with, when there know that word...chemistry! LOL

Wud u dump him if he 4got ur birthday/anniversarry?
I wouldnt end a relationship with someone if they couldnt remember the date of my birthday off the top of their head, but for them to forget if i had reminded them of it (which im sure i would do LMAO) well...then the answer isnt as simple haha!!

Wud u cheat on him if he got boring?
I would like to hope i would talk to the other person about why things were boring and go from there, as opposed to cheating on them.

Wud u dump him if he got borin?
Like i said, i would hope to talk about things before making any decisions.

If he dumped u/cheated on u eud u seek revenge?

Wud u get revenge by goin out with his best m8?
No that isnt revenge that is called using someone and basically jsut being a complete bitch. I hope i would never do that, as i hope no one would do that to me.

Wat wud u do if he sed u turned him gay?


Wat do u luk 4 in a guy?

Umm...see start of post.

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