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1. what age did you begin puberty and how did you know you started?

Im not sure...about 10? My breasts and pubic hair started growing...i think around that age.

2. have you began growing pubic hair? if so, how much have you grown?

Yes - I have it all i guess

3. have your breasts started to grow? if so, how much have they grown?

Yes - they have finished growing...and to be honest...they havent grown that much... ...LOL!!!

4. have you had your first period? if so at what age?

around 12

5. do you shave/trim your pubic hair? why/why not?

Yes - personal choice, just because i want to!

6. are you happy with your breast size?

Not particularly but i guess theyll do

7. do you masturbate? if so, how do you masturbate?

Fuck yeah! ...and....a whole lot of different ways! lmao!... if you want details, im sure <removed> will get you started...or maybe just google it hahaha

8. are you happy with your body?

is anyone??


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