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Default Re: accidental nudity

Originally Posted by finlamit View Post
I know im a bit old for this forum (only 18 tho) but hey hopefully i can give advice.

The other day has got to be the most embarrasing of my life. First of all i have to say that im quite well endoured (6.5 inches). I was in the gym and you wat its like, there is always a bird that u like and she smiles back at you lol.

well the other day i was in there and she didnt smile, she gave me the dirtiest luk ever. i wondered y then i realised. I was doin situps and i was wearing really loose shorts and boxers and my penis was flopped right out. I was quite embarrased.

has anything like this ever happened to you? do u think i should talk to bthe girl and explain it was accidental??

thanks for help

Im 14 with a 8 and a half inch when erect. My friends always pants me in gym, I dont really care because my penis is really big and when I get pantsed I just say "I dont care pants me all you want im not embarresed mines not small like yours"!!!!!
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