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Default Re: it's like a chain reaction!

awww....*lynn* i''m so sorry you feel that way....but eariler that day, you told me about all of your wonderful have those left!! please don't loose sight of them! even though we spoke for the first time yesterday, i know you are an amazing person!! not only that, but you are genuine, special and awesome!! trust me, your parents do care about you...they may seem absorbed in their work, but they do love you....if they didn't, your mother would not have spoken with you last night about your problems...she sincerely cares about you and does not want you to kill are very special to her and to so many other people

please don't think that you have to let down your friends....friends don't do that...and definately don't feel like you have to let yourself will cause so much pain for all of us, yes us, who love and care about you.

again, i am here for you...please call or text me if you feel like you're going to do something terrible...or if you just need someone to talk to

please smile....people love you
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