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Jesus if thats all they say you have it easy. You sure they dont say anything else??

The voices I hear say the most evil things I can think of. They also insult me in every way possible and im not a very easily insulted person. I have very little bad sides to me inside my head yet they pick out any possible way they can insult me and lay into me. Although its all lies or half truths at best that they say so it doesnt bother me at all. The voices I hear tell me theyre here to kill me and all sorts of bullshit too. They try to scare by getting all religious and claiming to be lucifer and talking about evil souls and shit. That doesnt bother me either so I can safely say theres absolutely nothing these voices can do to bother me.

I actually stopped hearing them ever since I stopped caring about what they said. The last things I heard them say were all compliment. At one point they said you were carved out of wood now your molded in steel or some shit like that. It was my ego talking the whole time.

Make a log of everything they say on a daily basis. Thats what i did and it turned out to be a powerful tool for analysing myself. Take these voices as a way of communicating with your subconscious
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