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Default Re: it's like a chain reaction!

me and my mom had a long talk tonight. she said that she wasn't letting me lock myself in my room anymore and isolate. so i told her how i felt like i was drowning in all these emotions and feelings i had. she asked me about school today and then she got really mad because i didn't have a real reason to leave. she doesn't understand that i just can't deal with people right now. i know that isn't a good reason to skip school. but right at that moment it seemed like the right thing to do. so now i am just trying to not be mad at my mom for not understanding. i guess this all seems really lame. but i guess i am losing myself. losing ground in this struggle, in this battle for my sanity. i am thinking what is the point. the only people i would disappoint is my parents, and they are so busy with their careers that they'll forget soon enough. i have no friends left to let down. so what is left? nothing. i just don't know...
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