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Default Re: it's like a chain reaction!

so i tried to go to school today. i thought that i had missed so much already and i didn't want to get too behind since i graduate this May. but i walked into school and went to get my books and stuff for class and i freaked out. people were looking at me funny and there were just so many people all around. so i put all my stuff back into my locker and got into my car and drove off. i went home for awhile but no one was there and i didn't want to be home alone. so i just drove. i have no idea why i did it. i went and saw my mom at the hospital because she is a doctor there and told her that i skipped and she didn't like it but she didn't say too much about it. she told me to be home by 3 which was the end of her shift. i don't think i am going to be able to go back to school. and i don't know why. i have never been too worried about people liking me or disliking me, so i don't understand why today was so different. before kris and katie died my life was somewhat normal. i had friends, i made good grades and was on track to be salutatorian in my school, parents and i didn't fight any more than normal, and life was basically good. now i don't talk to anyone, i can't be salutatorian because there is no way i can (nor do i want to) make up all the work in time, and things between my parents and i are strained to the max. i don't know how to fix all anything anymore. if anyone has any suggestions, they would be welcomed. i just need everything to go back to how they used to be, as much as it can anyway.
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