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Default Re: Death Sentence ,do you think it is a cruel punishment?

I also know that innocent people are jailed sometimes, but if you read one of my earlier posts, I said that criminals who commit lesser crimes, in which no one is traumatized/hurt physically/emotionally, that I wouldn't mind paying for their living conditions, I'd be a little annoyed, but life's life, and there's nothing you can do about it. But I really don't want to have to pay for someone who killed someone else to live, even if they deserve a second chance. Does a killer deserve a second chance, if their victim can't have a second chance? Pedophiles, are actually on my list of lesser criminals, they don't deserve to die, but I think we should do something that at least does not have as big an impact on our taxes with prisoners/criminals, like put them in the army and ship them off to Africa, where they're free to indulge on their sick habit of slaughter, of course, they would get in more trouble if they killed innocents, but this is provided they only kill enemies, and possibly help the troubled nations in Africa. I don't really know, I just don't want to pay to keep a murderer or rapist alive, I couldn't live with myself if I did, and eventually I probably will. But as I said prior, not paying for prisoners gets you put in prison, rather ironic ain't it?

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