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Default Re: Death Sentence ,do you think it is a cruel punishment?

Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Yes, but I refuse to pay for prisoner's living conditions. For all I care they can go fuck themselves, I'm not wasting my precious money to keep some sick bastard alive. If someone kills someone, and shows no remorse, I think for them to realize what they have done, they themselves must be killed. I will not pay to keep a psycho alive, they could put a gun to my head, and say pay or else, and I'd let them pull the trigger. Not paying for prisoners, gets you in prison... Kind of ironic ain't it?

Sorry but anyone who thinks like that or suggests anything like that is the same or worse, a sick human being who likes the idea of someone suffering

You are overlooking 1 huge fact that the legal system is the all knowing being which sends everyone who is guilty in jail, no if the president was a sick bastard noone would know because it would be covered up, if some business man was a sick freak he could just buy hes way out

And now what the fuck is wrong with your thinking? As I said before the only problem with them is the fact that they don't do anything in jail, they could be used as a workforce in jail they could even grow their own fucking food and even bring in an income

And do you know that in some countries prisoners get even charged for their jail time ( food and some other expenses ) which 90% of the time sends them back to jail cuz they can't pay shit cuz not many ppl wan't to give ex cons a job...

And no your idea that ,, if the punishments are so scary they'l stop '' work because look at fucking Texas you can go to jail for 99 years, for an armed robbery where no one is hurt

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