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Originally Posted by boognish
also, and i keep repeating, mental illnesses are treatable. mental retardation is not treatable. mental illnesses are contracted. mental retadation is a born trait. mental illnesses are diseases. mental retardation is a disability

Cosmos i think it's been established that mental illness and mental retardation, or learning difficulties, however it is labelled are completely differnet. IT doesn't matter what words you use, they mean essentially different things.

A slower person/retarded person/learning disabled person is just that. They are still humans who can experiance emotions and brain chemical changes, just like normal people do (and i hate to use the word normal). They can also experiance intense emotions, even those that could (arguably) lead them into a mental illness.

If two people have a child, and both they are both normal, some of their genes can interact badly when they child is formed and this can cause mental retarded, so can alot of complications at pregnancy.

As a result it is unfair to call someone Ill, because it implys they can get better, be treated etc The hard and painful truth is that they can't. They can of course live their life to the fullest potential, and be upstanding members in society. The stigma that these kinds of misconceptions about mentally retarded poeple holds them back.

They can fall ill to a mental illness, a mentally retarded person can be diagnosed with something like depression or schizophrenia (mental illness) but they never were diseases that are part of their disability, they just become a part of their life that some mentally disabled people have to cope with, aswell as the insults and stigma.

You might think they are all too 'unintelligent' to even comprehend what we are talking about. I goto an open access college, there is a whole section devoted to Special Needs, and i see them everyday at college when i walk through the entrance, there are many of them, socialising, having fun laughing smiling joking with normal and special needs people.

Both groups of normal and special needs people can have mental illnesses. Special needs people are not 'mentally ill' but i assume some of them are. Infact id guess they are more likely to be. Why? It's no surprise people are so judging in society, and if anything people are most cold hearted and ruthless to those that are in need the most.

Mentally retarded people don't have to suffer, they can live a forfilling life. So can people with mental illnesses.

Now please let's get back to topic, unless Cosmos has something else to add. Perhaps some scientific data backing up his theory that mentally ill and mentally retarded mean the same thing.

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