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Originally Posted by nwshc
I read somewhere that these strong presence of drugs are bad (by having the teachers shove down your mouth that they are bad every friggin day, commercials ect.) it increase the curiosity of the drug to kids.
Well yes, because your exposing to teenagers the fact that other teenagers are doing drugs.

When they give out leaflets on drugs, for most teenagers it's good information that backs up their stance that drugs are bad. A good number of students will find it as a good resource, or shopping list...

I just think that drug control would be far more effective if it were legal. It would be treated as a medical problem rather than a criminal problem. Addiction is a medical problem, not something hte police can cut down on. Infact they are fueling this business by making them refine their methods.

Just take a look at how many hundreds of recreational drugs are altered or created and are still under the law, most of them wont go further than a curious chemists laboratory, however a good few might become the E of tommorow or the LSD in twenty years, who knows what it will be called.

So really is there any point in fighting this war? Take a look at tobacco, it used to be a hugely socially accepted thing, it's legal with restrictions, and now a minority of people smoke. That's been treated as a medical problem, nicotene dependance, and so should drugs.

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