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Default Re: I'm beginning recovery. (And I'm new.)

i applaud you and your efforts!!! the road of recovery is a long one....i'm talking from experience...i committed acts of self harm as well and was very reluctant to "get help," if you know what i mean. surprisingly, it was the best thing for's been a few months since i stopped cutting, but every now and then i still have the urge to hurt myself again...for many used to be everytime that i felt sad or depressed, but now it's because i hate the fact that i ever cut....i regret it...i have scars and such on my arms and needle pricks on most of my veins (not from drugs, but bleeding out)'s so hard when someone notices the marks, even someone who i don't know....i feel the stares from wandering eyes and odd, ominous glances and it hurts so yeah, i'm recovering....but it is a bumpy road.......i wish you the best and if you ever need a hand or just someone to talk to, know that i am here....just let me know!!!
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