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THC is the active ingredient in cannabis, it's the chemical that gets you high! If everyone had pure THC, they just call the side effects confusion etc.

Marinol is an extract from the cannabis plant and is not smoked. It's a pill or a spray. People under certain medical circumstances can however, in california, get a license to grow the plant and consume it for whatever purpose.

Infact none of those facts are wrong. Neither side is wrong. They are speculations of research results. Infact no one can say even smoking is directly linked to cancer, as no one knows the mechanism which causes cancer in the first place, what triggers it. So it could be smoked and a whole bunch of ohter factors, who knows? Maybe in 10 or 20 years we will.

As for the testosterone thing, i really have no clue. But ive smoked it alot, and i don't have boobs or a high voice, and alot of my friends smoke it heavily and they aren't women.

Neither can be proved.

Infact there is no point oding this, none of any research can proved unless there is a clear direct link. There is only speculation over research.

However the truth is, alot of research into illegal drugs is VERY hard to take place. Scientists cannot just go straight in and use the drugs in a lab, they have to go through a lot of red tape to do it. So the government have the power there, to decide which scientists (maybe the more conservative ones) will get the research grant.

Anyway im tired of this debate. No one can win. However ill leave it at, yes there are alot of myths about cannabis. So far neither of us, nor any researchers are even know for sure whats true and whats not.

Although, to be frank, Cannabis has been around for thousands of years and has been used the hwole time by a large number of people.

If these people were dieing of overdoses, men turning into women and everyone who uses it having their lives ruined completly, then it would be all over the press. Sometimes there are scare stories.

The truth is - The majority of drug users, regardless of how dangerous they are are not addicted messes whose lives are ruined. They do it for pleasure and recreation, sociability, on a infrequent basis. The minority of users who do become addicted, were probably addicted from birth. (If you want to know more about addictive personality, and substance abuse disorder ask me)

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