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Ya so i dont even know if this goes here but i dont care.. im soo rotted at my rents cuz they are like flippin at me constantly and im not even doing anything. Like today i asked to take the car..i mean i just got my license i want to drive !! so they keep leading me on and say u can take it when its fine ! so today its actually nice out not snowing cloudy so no sun so i ask them and they say im greedy and all this shit but i dont understand ! like i can see that they dont want me to get in an accident but like really they were teens once coulnt they see what its like to know u can dirve but cant ! and i like dont stop owrking im constantly working for them ( they have a buiness) and i dont know what the hell to do ! i just want to fli p at them and go crazy ! it keeps builiding up and getting worse ! plez help i need suggestions !

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