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Default Re: High School Dating

I realise this is off topic and I appologise but I think it's needed.

Originally Posted by MNHockey11
1st Amendment, the right to free speech.
Well you see I am not American nor do I fall under American juristriction so that really doesn't apply to me.

But what you did is you used the word "fag" in a degrogatory way. You were attempting to insult another member with it.

Now if you have a problem with me giving you an infraction about it you have options. You can make a thread in the HQ so another Admin can look at it or you can PM one of them.

Originally Posted by MNHockey11
I just think that people who are homosexual need to stop whining about people saying Gay
People only "whine" about it when it is used in a derogatory way.

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