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Default Re: Well life is fucked now.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Is that childish disclaimer really necessary?
If they're too lush then that's your choice. I wouldn't know as I've never done drugs. I'm not even going to bother talking you out of drugs because it isn't worth the debate for either of us with different opinions. If you know the risks of taking them then why are you complaining when it gets you in trouble? Is this more of a vent or wanting a solution? The only solutions would be to be careful or consider if the drug habits are worth the risk. Since you just said they're too lush, you obviously made your choice but realize if a similar problem happens you'll only be able to blame yourself for it.
Think about it. Is a substance more important than your girlfriend or your future? It's been proven that it messed up your future a bit and lost the girl you loved. What's more important?
Well I put it there so mods wouldn't ban me duh.
It was a vent yes, I doubt there would be a solution to a problem like this one.
I have NOT lost that girl, I don't care what her parents say they won't stop us.
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