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the news is im through with this girl, I heard she likes someone else AGAIN, i cared at first but now i couldn't care less. I think all up she has been out with 15 different guys in our year including all the boys in our year 7 class apart from 2 (im now in year 10, she hasnt changed). Anyway, the way i think of it is she doesnt treat people properly so why should i bother if she thinks of a relationship as a joke. Now i think about it when she likes you most of what you feel is being 'the next apple on the apple tree', your just the next one that will be tasted and spat out immediately. It turns out im not the only one that thinks this, her old boyfriend who she set her going out record with (3 months) dumped her because he thought she was 'bitchy' (im a bit behind, i know). It is also revealed she spread rumours about a guy that he said all this stuff out her when she was going out with her old boyfriend to get her boyfriend to fight this other guy who supposedly said bad things about her. I have found a girl who catches my bus and lives next door to me that I might have interest in or maybe im just curious. She is really nice and makes me feel happy and 'liked'. Problem fixed and i'll see how it goes with this new girl in the coming months! happy days!

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