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Default Re: Okay, please help, am I gay?

i've got the same thing wif my friend, but its hard cos i am bi...but seriously it dont necessarily make u gay or bi. it jdut means that u love her and my best friend got over it, she don like tha i love her like that but it cools down adn u stop having such extrem emotions. not that it goes but u accpet that it can;t b.
i'm not saying tell ehr,i dont really know wat i'm saying cept tat i've been thorgh it too

"Smile." "But what is ther to smile about?!" "that you can smile that your alive. that you can change, help, hinder love and hate. Smile for these reasons.
Add to the list of things to smile about ^,^
1. can smile 2. alive 3. change 4. help 5. hinder 6. love
7. hate"
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