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Default Re: Help, i'm 15 and need help now

ooh oki thankyou ^,^ i've decided to let them be destroyed, but seen as they never HAD a computer copy, i'm sad to say they'll never be read, but i guess me adn my freidn can just write up in a sumary what happened ;p.
i'll take all of ur advice and have some copies, me and my friedn wanna go coputer anyway, muuuch easier.
plus, i dont want my parents to kn ow cos they might try to stop me writting stories and search my computer files...which wud b bad ;p
thankyou guys ^,^ i can stop stressing now

i think tha ti'll jsut have to b there wen they're destryed and or know how they will b ^,^

oh and sorry that i type so fast, i do that lots (types slower form now on) ;p ty ty ty ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Add to the list of things to smile about ^,^
1. can smile 2. alive 3. change 4. help 5. hinder 6. love
7. hate"
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