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Default Re: Just a thread concerning alot of things

Wow, I'm sorry that your life is so fucked up... Seriously... I hope you learn from your mistakes, but I have to tell you something. I will probably stay away from drugs altogether, but in no way am I anti-drug. I don't promote drug use, but nor do I demote it. I'm neutral. I don't care if you decide to smoke weed or if you decide to stay clean. For me clean is the way to go. I want to outdo my brother who easily mastered school and was accepted by 6 Ivy League schools, got one of the best SAT scores in my state, took 11 AP classes in High School, acing all of them, and is on his way to becoming a doctor or scientist. I'm good in school, and I just don't want to risk destroying my grades. My grades have already dropped do to low confidence and low self-esteem, so I really don't wanna take my chances. I'm satanic/atheist and I worship death, and wish everyone would just die, and I'm fucked up as it is, I don't need drugs fucking my life up even more. I'm not saying others shouldn't use drugs, I'm just saying I refuse to use drugs. (By the way, I don't think you're allowed to promote drug use on this site, but you are allowed to demote it.)

I'm way too high (too high too high)
To be feeling this dry and low
I'm way too tired, I've tried
I'm fired up and ready to roll
Letís go
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