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Default Re: she wont leave me alone

I have a mans voice which sounds alot like what your describing. Hes always calling me an idiot, a faggot, a lunatic, and a lion(dont quite understand that one). In the last week the voice has gotten fond of saying "I hate you" and keeps telling me im going to die or im dead or else threatens to kill me.

Last night after about 3 months of not taking drugs I smoked a joint and since my tolerance was so low I was stoned out of my mind so I lay down. The voice came on full force but I was able to interact with it. It seemed to be trying to scare me more than anything it said at one point "Im lucifer incarnated" and that got my heart racing like mad. It also said things like "We're haunting you" and at one point it shouted "We're taking you over!". I responded "I run the show here" and the voice started laughing. Also whenever Id crack a joke the voice laughed at them. At least this voice has a sense of humour.
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