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Default Re: Drug Induced Schizofrenia

I should also add I have a good few visual hallucinations from time to time. Mainly seeing these little laser like lights flashing on an off in thin air. You know when you turn on the playstation 2 and that little blue light goes on. Thats what they look like (I just saw one there as we speak about a foot to the left of my center of vision it looked goldish white). Mostly theyre dark blue or white but sometimes red or yellow or some even flash through different colors. The other main thing I see is little black shadows which appear to be cast on the wall but then they disappear.

One thing I rarely see but is blatantly obvious when it happens is a white or black streak shooting from one side of the room to the other. Sometimes they appear in the middle of the room and disappear in the middle making only a little streak other times they cross the whole length of the room.
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