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Default Just a thread concerning alot of things

Well, since this is my first post i am going to just spill the beans on my history of drug abuse. Hopefully it will help someone else in some sort of way. So here it goes! (for future reference, im 15 years of age right now)

Pretty familiar story, started at 12, my 15 year old friend decided to let me in on the the big craze, cigarettes. Eckk, vile things, been smoking them ever since. At the time it seemed harmless because i was totally ignorant to the future problems it can cause. I used to be the athlete but nicotine can change all of that over a years course. After about a month of cigarettes i became a vegetable, sat around all day because i lost alot of motivation. After 2 months i decided to try weed with him. Oh yeah, big mistake or not i dont know, weed helps some and destroys others, as of now....It is destroying me. After about half a year i was heavy into the green, smoke all night and sleep all day was the routine. Grades slowly declined into an F for each course, but i didnt care, lack of motivation is what happens to some, others dont lose any motivation. Weed had become more than just a habit, it became a personal plague that is still wrecking havoc on my life. Soon enough i was 13 years old, yeah, big bad 13. I was a top dog of the Junior High, confidence in myself and my abilities led me to a sense of invulnerability. Cannabis usage increased during year 13, no legal problems, no bruises or bumps, just crap hole grades and barely making it to Freshman. I do believe my teachers recommended i be passed to Freshman because they knew that i was a bright kid but just didnt care. They hoped i would see what was happening to myself and straighten up. No no no, i did everything but that. Freshman year i was already 14, now i was the newbie, confidence went in the pooper and that also increased drug usage. I started to experiment with different drugs. Adderall and the works, pills were my friend for a month or two, but thank god i lost my appetite for them. After the pill problem, i was set in my ways as an under achieving weed toking stoner. Well, alcohol had its appeal freshman year, so i tried it...Ended up loving it, drank heavily since then. BAM, before i knew it was the end of the year....Well, looks like i wont pass that year. As the last days of school glided by i still didnt acknowledge my drug addiction, i was convinced i was a perfectly normal teenager. But i did see that no motivation was the problem for my failure, but i did not dare say weed and alcohol was the problem, denial set in. Summer time started up, same ol story, sitting around doing nothing but being stoned all day everyday. Until June 5th 2006(i already turned 15 on May 1st), me and 2 of my buddies decided to chill at J's place and get plastered. Sure, seemed like a harmless night, until we got so wasted we had the great idea to go outside at 1AM. Well, 3AM we were arrested for 21 counts of Criminal Damaging, 1 Prohibition, and 1 Curfew. Yeah, well guess what....JDC(Juvenile Detention Center) is not a place you want to be. Spent 2 and half weeks there before i got a lucky break and got kicked out because of lack of space for Felony Criminals. Well, i got home later that month and was on house arrest till August 16th, the day of my trial. I took the easy way and admitted to my crimes and received punishment accordingly, 6 month mandatory probation and Criminal Restitution. Had to work off 2000 dollars worth of damages. Finally i realized weed and alcohol was the problem, i quit there for a while, but i was still a long way from straight edge. I started up about a month after my i was put on probation, "Fire that blunt up man, ive been waiting for this hit for a long time". Wrong move, i couldve kept clean, i couldve stayed out of trouble, but nooo, i was in denial again. I rationalized during the session that i would just tell my probation officer that i was sorry. Well turns out my P.O. never heard anything bad about me so he never visited me, he totally left me alone(so i kept smoking) till 3 weeks ago. He showed up at my house and told me i had a drug screen the next day. Crap, no way im getting out of this one, i scrambled through pages on the internet on how to drop a clean screen even though it seemed inevitable. Hmm, so im sitting here typing this and reflecting on my actions as i write, thinking about how i shouldve just left the weed alone and i wouldnt be facing 6 months rehab....If i drop a THC positive drug screen here next Wednesday, off to rehab i go. There isnt anyway im going to be clean next week and my brother just came home after moving to Florida last year. Too bad, looks like im going to have to wait before i can see him.

I dont know the reason for writing this, i guess i just had to spill it somewhere. Weed isnt a bad thing, i hope everyone tries it at least once in their lifetime. At least that way they wont turn into uber anti-drug retards and tell the world that they have a duty "To protect society from the scourge of drugs and drug habits.". If you dont like even seeing or hearing the word Weed, you need to find something better to do than sit around and concern yourselves with things that will probably never affect you in your lifetime. But i just hope someone reads this and gets a really good idea of what they are getting into when they start smoking and drinking regularly. I bet most of you are probably looking at this and saying "who is this guy and why should i listen?". Yeah, well, i did the same thing as you and said "Im in control and i know what im doing!" Look where it got me.

EDIT::I understand i encouraged drug use in that last paragraph and i hope it doesnt result in anything bad. Just thought i would give my opinion.

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