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What kind of things do the voices say to you. Your lucky the voices I hear only taunt me and threaten to kill me. The odd time they compliment me though. The difference there though is I hear them inside my head not outside. When im stoned sometimes it sounds like its coming from outside my head though.

I also have slight visual hallucinations every day. Little shadows appearing and disappearing. Little multicolored light balls flashing in and out of vision. White or black steaks shooting half way across the room then disappearing. The most common is seeing a little shadow appearing and disappearing not necessarily in the corner of my eye but most of the time. I also bluish static on the walls and everywhere I look.

Tireth the voice I was talking to last night (only after smoking a joint do i hear voices clearly enough to have conversations with them) the voice was saying things like "Im in hell" "Join me in hell" and fucked up things like that. It also said "Im lucifer incarnated". I was just wondering are you religious at all? Personally I dont even believe in god or the devil but I still hear voices talking about them sometimes. Although when I was a kid my great granny used to scare the fuck outta me by talking about Larry(the devil) and demons and how I was going to hell because I didnt go to church one sunday.

From another perspective maybe your dream was showing you that NYC is hell it all depends on how you look at it.

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