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Default Drug Induced Schizofrenia

I had a case of speed induced psychosis 5 months ago in which I had a 3 hour conversation with a voice in my head who I was convinced was a ghost at the time. I havent taken drugs in 3 months and I think im mildly schizofrenic. I hear mild unclear voices echoing negative or positive (mostly negative) remarks every day. At first the voice kept saying "Your dead" or "your gay" now its moved onto saying "your a lunatic" "your an idiot" "your a rebel" "your lion?!?" and it seems to be getting fond of saying "I hate you" and "you fail".

When im sober the voices are really mild, subtle, quiet and unclear but when I smoke a joint the voices come out fully on and they interact with me. They say all sorts of weird things. Last night I smoked a joint and I got a bit scared when the voice repeated 3 times "Kill me im evil" and at another point it said "Im lucifer incarnated" that got my heart racing like mad but since im not scared of the devil I calmed down. At one point the voice shouted "We're taking you over". Just like the time I had my speed induced psychotic episode the voice seemed to talk about me in the third person alot too. It said once "He's alot smarter than you think". It kept saying "Were here to end your life" and weird things like that. It said once something like "Do you want me to suck your dick" or something sick like that so I made a joke and sang a pisstake of thats amore song and I said "When I smoke a big rock and you suck on my cock, thats amore" and the voice started laughing.

All that stuff I heard last night after smoking only one joint. I'll tell you some of the stuff the voice was saying after I stayed up 4 days on speed. I wrote down the whole conversation at the time and the voice even commented on me writing it down the whole way through. The voice started off talking to me like it was a friend but then it started saying things like "The rivers are gonna flow red with your blood" "just pack your bags and leave your dead all ready" "I should take revenge after what you did to me. VENDETTA!!!!" "when I find you im gonna hack you up" "you have 5 minutes to leave the house then theyre coming in to kill you". The voices seemed to desperately want me to leave the house at 3 in the morning for some reason.

It kept saying "Your dead yeah were dead arent we". At one point it said "wet willy........NOW" and I felt a cold finger poke me. After that it kept threatening me and at one point I said "what are you gonna do wet willy me to death" and the voice actually started laughing. Another weird thing is it said "Now that I have his undivided attention I concentrate on his frontal lobe" and I felt cold hands on my face. Another thing I found really weird was the voice said "Erica just wants to lick ya". Ive known any Erica's and no idea where that name came from. When I started writing that down the voice said "Dont write that part".

Also this voice asked me at one point "Is this your first psychedelic encounter, I had 3 my first was in Amsterdam". The whole time it was a mans voice. The same voice I think.

Im just wondering are there any similarities between genuine schizophrenic experiences and drug induced ones like I experienced. For all of you here who hear voices from time to time what do the voices say and are you able to interact with these voices?
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