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Default Re: Death Sentence ,do you think it is a cruel punishment?

Thats fucked up, even though I know that, I still think its extremely stupid that we pay for the assholes who get themselves locked up, our precious money goes into funding prisons, and buying their food and living conditions. For those who commit minor crimes, okay fine, but for murderers, rapists, etc., I don't wanna keep them alive with my money. Fine don't kill them, but don't make me pay for them. I don't have to pay taxes, not yet, but when I do, why should I pay the government, if they're going to use a portion of my money, that I could use for being good, to someone who has done something bad. Our reward for being good citizens, is throwing our money away to keep prisoners, aka people who are not being good citizens, alive? Fuck that. I don't support the death penalty 100%, and I know that an eye for an eye makes everyone blind, and a tooth for a tooth means no pretty smiles, but still the government should find a different way to fund prisons. I don't want to pay for someone elses crime. Isn't that injustice? Paying (in terms $$$) for someone else's crime. I refuse to pay to keep some son of a bitch who decided to kill someone alive. I don't care what you do with them, ship them to Antarctica for all I care, just don't make me fucking pay for them. Death penalty or not, good citizens, paying for bad citizens=wrong.

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