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Ok, this goes back to the definition of "potent." A dose of LSD is extremely small -- probably not visible to the naked eye. DMT is very visible.
"This is the most potent hallucinogen ever discovered; it is about 10,000 times more potent than the same amount of mescaline."
"The potency of a drug is defined as how much of the substance is required to achieve therapeutic effects. So if it takes 1 mg of a drug to cause an effect orally and 10 mg of another drug to cause an effect, the first is said to have '10 times the potency' of the second. Often, the term 'powerful' is used instead, which is not well defined."
"One of the most potent mood-changing chemicals, LSD..."
"Thus, LSD is the most potent (effective at lowest doses) of the hallucinogens. Because a single hit of LSD is almost invisible..."

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