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Default Re: idk what to do

Originally Posted by btudor9 View Post
Hi well im 13 and this is starting to piss the crap out of me. So last year i asked out this really hot girl then 4 hours later on myspace she says its off. After about1 year and a half i still think she hot and cute even though she hurt me. My last attempt at getting a gf was very very sad cause she said no. Now all my friends have gfs except me. I know someone else i like but she doesnt know me very well. How do i go get her to be with me?
dude theres nothin you can do im afraid... if shes as hot as you say she is.. then set your standards a little lower.. cuz shes probably got like loadsa boys after her anyways.. but if you want that much.. then good for you.. just talk to her you know.. be friendly.. and by the way.. dont feel preasured into gettin a gf just cuz all your friends have one.. cuz thats not love.. thats peer preasure..

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