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Originally Posted by kragy View Post
ok well here the story, there is this girl i love, and i think she knows that but i think she doesnt love me back,we have been out before.shes now goin out with this guy that i sorta hang about with at school, he's like basicly really wanting it really bad, the thing is ive finaly realised that'll never be more than just a friend to her so im like just goin all depressed and sorta pushing her away from me, well anyone help, advise. just shes the one and only person ive ever loved and im losing her ?
how can you be so sure that nothin will ever happen?.. dude i thought id never have a chance with the girl i like cuz im movin.. and now shes thinkin off gettin with me O.o.. freaky i know.. as iv said before.. nothin lasts forever.. just stick by her.. try to talk to her.. help her with any problems shes got.. and when they break up.. give it some time and make your move..

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