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Default Re: Your First French Kiss & Kissing Discussion

I used to fret and fret about my first kiss, and me and my girlfriends would worry about whether you'd do it right, would you know when to pull away etc etc. My friends that kissed guys before me were like "You just know what to do when it happens...I can't explain it" and I used to think "Helpful- not." But just do. Though these tips are pretty good ones I will admit. Breathe through the noseeeeee .

But don't fret about it. It's natural, even though you probably think it isn't right now...I remember how it used to feel. You soon get into the swing of it, trust me......ahem :p

Oh and 'Palm Kid' you'll know if it's something she wants to do or just gradually get closer... you just know it's going to happen.
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