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Default Re: Death Sentence ,do you think it is a cruel punishment?

I disagree with the death sentence. The whole point behind punishment is to pay for "offending" society, hence the name "offeneders". If you kill them they it is as if they are only paying for a part of their crime. You can't kill someone after they are already dead so where is the great punishment?

I think we should chuck them all in to a huge dark dank pit. We should not spend millions to grant child molesters/murderers their own apartments complete with private gym and money if they keep it tidy.
They are the scum of the earth and deserve nothing more than the dark dank pit I have mentioned. The misery, hardship and merciless existence they would endure is more fitting when compared to the few seconds/minutes they would experience with capital punishment.

Also, capital punishment cannot be reversed. No one can be brought back from the dead.
There was a case not long after WW2 in London. A guy called Christie murdered a woman and her baby (along with many others) But when it went to court, he manipulated the situation. The judge decided that the husband had murdered both his wife and his child. He was sentenced to death. Few years later they found the bodies of Christie's other victims in his garden and the walls of his house and he was sentenced to death also. The husband had not only lost his family, but was accused and hung for murdering them, when he was 100% innocent.
If one is imprisoned for the above scenario, he could at least have a chance to live a decent life again.

Actually I think it's very funny, Alex did too :]
So did I :]

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