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Default Ok, I've been takin pills for about a year...

Trust me this is puberty related.

About a years ago, when I was 15, I was about, I dunno 3 inches when hard and when I saw my friends' dicks they were all about 7, basically they were alot bigger, and they used to tease me. This really annoyed me, so 1 day when I was on the Net, I saw an ad for some penis enlargement pills. My judgement told me that they'd be a waste of money, but it said that they could make you 3 inches bigger in 2 months, and i was very desperate so I bought them.

Now when they arrived I immediately took about 10, which I realise was pretty stupid, so I didn't take anymore for about a week.

When I measured I was already about 1.5 bigger. I looked at the bottle, and It said that they made you grow very quickly in teh begining, but the affects started to tail off after a while.

I have continued taking them, and buying more when I ran out, ever since, and now I'm nearly 11 inches.

This has really affected me, in a bad way. Socially, that is. A few weeks ago, I decided to show off, which was stupid anyway, so I decided to have a shower with the guys after sports (which I haven't done since last year) and they all got freaked out and said that I was a freak.

Do you think I should have just waited, or what I did was right?
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