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Default Re: I tried to get help.

Wow thats rough.
But really thats HUGE! u called for help! really i want to congagulate u!
my parents (by the sounds of it) are quite similar.. at least in hours of need.
When my psychiatrist would have nurses and psychologists ring me every day just to make sure i was alive and would be for at least another 15 or so hours my mum would be all weirded out and get really angry that they are ringing. Its almost like denial, "theres nothing wrong with my daughter!" u know?

my mum would somewtimes sleep in my room and think that this makes everything ok. it only pissed me off coz it meant id have to lie awake for like hours, til morning to hurt myself. Her being there wasnt actually helping it was just making her feel like shed done enough or as i like to say the "parenting tick"

Anyway to the point, my parents being weird about me makes me too scared to get help especially when i need it the most. Personally i would never have the courage to call like u did, and i urge u not to let ur parents' reaction to discourage u from calling for help when u need it.

Remember, sometimes u are the best judge at when/if u need help. If u are scared or dont feel safe, no matter how other people react, u getting the help u need at this time is THE most important thing.

Hang in there
Just Juss
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