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1 What political party do you support? Ultimately, whichever is most congruent with my beliefs. I never vote one party all the way, as I do my best to try and know what all candidates are trying to do. An informed voter is a happy voter, or unhappy depending on the candidates.

2 Do you consider yourself far right (conservative), far left (liberal) or independent? Independent. I don't particularly agree with either side, the far left or the far right. (This question should be more of a spectrum based question.)

3 Are you pro choice? Yes.

4 Do you consider yourself open minded?
I try to be as open minded as I possibly can be.

5 Are you opposed to change?
I'm resistant to change at a biological level. But then again most humans are, however I'm also accepting of change on an intellectual level.

6 Do you support the War In Iraq? No, but I do support the individuals involved.

7 Do you support the Obama Administration? Yes, although it's hesitantly at this point. It ha done a lot of good, but has also not fulfilled promises and has done some things that irk me.

8 Are you satisfied with the economic state of the United States?
No, is there anyone who really is?

9 Do you support the War on Terror?
No. It isn't so much a "War on Terror" as it is a way to spread democracy.

10 Are you tolerant?
No. I'm accepting. You're tolerant things you don't like, which doesn't imply much change. It's the same old feeling just not as open.

11 Are you Christian or do you believe in Christ? No.

12 If you answered yes to 11, then If somebody is not Christian do you see them as inferior?

13 Do you think Barack Obama should be impeached? No.

14 What is the most effective form of government to you?
Direct democracy. The biggest issue it faced back during the formation of the country was that it wasn't possible to effectively count all participants votes. Now it is much easier thanks to our living in an electronic age.

15 Are you open to stem cell research?

16 If the time came that the United States instituted the draft, would you support this decision? No. Not that I would be effected, but I still feel as though the draft process is unfair. Let individuals pay their civic duty in whichever way they prefer, not required military service.

17 Do you think Gay Marriage, or civil unions, should be legal?
Gay Marriage should be legal. Or if individuals opposed to that title, civil unions are acceptable, assuming they are given the same rights as a married couple. (That still isn't the case, unfortunately.)

18 Do you friends ever call you racist or narrow minded?

19 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A woodchuck would chuck wood.

20 Who is your Representative?
Janice Hahn

21 Who is your Senator?
Barbara Boxer

22 Are you male or female?

23 Are you a minority?
Phenotypically, no. Genotypically, yes.

24 How old are you?

25 Are you rich, middle class, or lower class?
Middle Class.

26 What is your sexual orientation?

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