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Default Re: Death Sentence ,do you think it is a cruel punishment?

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FYI lethal injection is incredibly painful, an the needles occasionally comes out. Death by firing squad is incredibly painful, especially if they the mark. The electric chair is also quite painful. Hanging is nearly painless if all goes as planned. The only painless death would be by strapping explosives to the back of the head or death in a nuclear explosion. Either way, we shouldn't kill people.

wow. does a flu shot hurt too? awwww. Firing Squad is only painful for less than a second. The shooters are the world's best snipers and they will hit their mark 99.99% of the time. dont try to come back on that because .01% is not an argument. where do i get my facts? well, just because there has never been a sniper whos missed the mark ever recorded in US History.
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