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Default Re: Death Sentence ,do you think it is a cruel punishment?

Originally Posted by serial-thrilla View Post
oh yeah the sharp needle could give you a booboo.

But don't worry!! they disinfect first so they can't get an infection!

personally i wouldn't kill'em
when it comes to rapists, pedofiles, molesters, killers
I want them to live a loooooong horrible life
I want them to beg plead and pray for death to come

put'em in sendep (Sensory deprivation is the deliberate reduction or removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses.)
take everything away
no light
no sound
no touch
or smell period
giv'em drugs to paralyze them so they can't move at all

trapt in your own mind?
no ability to interact or even be aware of the surrounding enviroment
lets see how long youd last

i'm sadistic like that

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