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Default Re: Death Sentence ,do you think it is a cruel punishment?

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
See firstly living your entire life in a jail is worse than getting killed painlessly

But the prisons have been turned into some vacation camps, the prisoners should do some kind of work and be useful in a way

And if a human kills another without right, why should we have the right to kill him?

It doesn't work like the Hyper. That's not a good question to ask. The reason why we have the right to kill him is because its the law. We are taking him off the streets and making sure that he cant harm anyone ever again. By killing the killer, we are assuring families that he will never be able to harm them ever again.

Yeah and secondly, if i had a choice of the Death Penalty or Life in Prison, i'd take Life in Prison. Why? Because you still get to see your family, you still get to see the future, you still get to learn from your mistake and you can possibly receive parole if the crime you did wasn't EXTREMELY bad. Yeah and let me reexplain what the different methods we kill people are in the US: Death by Firing Squad, Electric Chair, Lethal Injection, Gas Chamber, and Hanging.

The Quickest Deaths from 1-5, 1 being Quickest
1. Firing Squad
2. Electric Chair
3. Lethal Injection
4. Hanging
5. Gas Chamber

See, with the Firing Squad, you hear and gun shot and thats the last thing you'll ever hear. With the Electric Chair, you get electrocuted and 90% of the time, you will die within the first Electrocution 9% you will die by the second Electrocution, and 1% you will die by the third Electrocution. How much would it suck to have to get reelectrocuted? Lethal Injection also does not kill you instantly, they inject poisonous fluid into your bloodstream and you die a painless death. Hanging goes wrong sometimes and you dont always die 'when the floor drops'. And the Gas feel your lungs collapse and your internal organs hurt like no other. Then you die within a few minutes.

By the way, i'm for the Death Penalty
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