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Well mostly, if he's not an asshole he overall still wants the same thing inside hes heart that is sex xD but don't worry it's that age and usualy guys that aren't assholes don't need to switch their girl 200 times to have sex with them once

And yes penis size is important 99% of guys

I don't understand the 2nd question 100%. But if I think it is the way I understand it, he just has a dark sense of humor

And the 3rd one is somewhat individual but mostly it should be more like the guys thing to 'get it on'

4 Is totaly individual, if he's not the kind of guy who doesn't care about suprises and is honest just ask him

5 You should know that most guys still care mostly or only about sex

And 6 is already kinda answerd but mostly they want sex but some want other kind of intimacy, trust and compassion it all depends ^^

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