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Default Re: Demos vs. Repubs!

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It is not a good discussion; it is you insulting me. It has not been proven that communism, fascism, and slavery have been ended. China is communist, our government is fascist, and the clothes you buy at WalMart were made by slaves in a sweatshop. Yes, we have a fascist government, they force their beliefs on others. Perfect example, Iraq, we're attempting to force democracy. Lastly, asshat is a very good description of the average American. They drive gas guzzling vehicles, don't recycle enough, use too much water, and have no idea what's going on in the world aside what they're fed by the government. They're pigs that eat so much meat it's sickening, literally. The high meat diet of Americans is the root cause of heart disease. I like the way our country was conceived, and I like our freedoms, but I don't like asshat fascists like you. Yes, you've been using force in the form of insults to make us believe what you do.

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