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Exclamation New bf

I have a new boyfirend and he's gorgeous, but i jsut wanna know some things about guys , and i'd like some guys to answer me ^,^

1. how important is penis size to guys

2. if my bf told me very openly then is he most liekly lying or jsut dont care that he's telling me, and basically my best friend too, it was a joke basically cos we like to ask guys that out of curiousity

3. wat do guys how can you like turn one on...i mean, we only atarted dating last week, but if we go that far to intimacy, then i wanna know, wat feels good? i ahve no idea

4. wat kinda gifts can i buy him? cos he;s gonna spoil me and already has boutght me stuff and is prob planning on more

5. is there anythign i SHUD know bout guys, like seriously


6. any other tips about guys, wat they like wat they like in girls wat they want etc ...... plz do tell it'll b SUCH a help ^,^



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Add to the list of things to smile about ^,^
1. can smile 2. alive 3. change 4. help 5. hinder 6. love
7. hate"
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